CHUGA sites

Northern site

Chantourne Boulevard – 38700 LA TRONCHE

Phone: 00 33 (0)4 76 76 75 75

Michallon hospital is a multidisciplinary health center combining medicine, surgery and resuscitation departments, as well as the adult emergency department and main technical platforms.

Parents and Children’s Hospital gathers gynecology and assisted reproduction units and the maternity department. You will also find here the pediatric department, including pediatric emergencies.

The Northern site also regroups buildings dedicated to neurology, psychiatry, geriatrics, as well as the emergency prehospital platform (SAMU).

Southern site

Kimberley Avenue – 38130 ECHIROLLES

Phone: 00 33 (0)4 76 76 75 75

The South hospital combines all departments dealing with the musculoskeletal system: emergency department dedicated to traumatology and rheumatology, orthopedic surgery and sports traumatology, rheumatology. The South hospital is equipped with a MRI system and conventional radiology equipment.

The Reeducation institute focuses on post-acute and rehabilitation care for traumatology, cardiovascular and neurological pathologies.

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