Why would you come to Grenoble Alpes University Hospital?

Grenoble Alpes University Hospital (CHUGA) is one of the best French University Hospitals, and ranks 11th in terms of medical activity.

Its close relationship with Grenoble Alpes University Research laboratories enables the CHUGA to guarantee access to the latest medical innovations and clinical research improvements.

The CHUGA ranks 7th in France for its research activity while Grenoble Alpes University belongs to the top 7 French universities, according to global rankings.

The CHUGA is a University general hospital and counts 2,000 beds and accommodations. 9,000 professionals provide every medical and surgical specialties at high level of excellence.

Each day at CHUGA:

  • 2,500 hospitalized patients
  • 3,000 consults
  • 300 E.R admissions

The CHUGA ranks 7th best public hospital general ranking in France, according to 2016 Le Point Magazine ranking. This ranking is particularly due to Grenoble excellence in neurosurgery, orthopedics, oncology, cardiology and pulmonology. Grenoble Alpes University Hospital also runs the 1st trauma center in France, taking charge of severe traumatology cases related to traffic or mountain sports accidents.

An organization tailored to your needs

You will come to the CHUGA for a scheduled hospitalization or consult.

Thanks to its geographic position, the CHUGA has a long tradition of welcoming international patients. To help you organize your stay, we provide you with:

  • Professionals dedicated to welcoming foreign patients: they will help you and your family organize your stay in Grenoble and will guide you through administrative procedures.
  • A welcome guide dedicated to international patients.
  • Agreements with hotel residences in Grenoble, offering preferential rates for our patients.

International Patients Office

The International Patients Office will guide you through administrative procedures. It is located within Michallon Hospital, Belledonne Hall, high ground floor.

The office is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:30 pm to 3:50 pm.