Your hospitalization

A first consultation is necessary before any hospitalization, in order to enable the physician to make the right diagnosis and plan the adequate treatment.

Following this consultation, the physician will schedule with you a date for your hospitalization in Grenoble.

The International Patients’ Office will then send you the provisional cost estimate of your hospital stay.

This cost estimate needs to be paid in advance or you need to provide us with a proof of third-party payment.

If your treatment is funded by a third party, there are two different situations:

  • If you are a European Union citizen, you must first ask your national health insurance for the authorization to get treatment in another EU member state. You will be given a E112 form or a S2 form that you need to send us.
  • If you are not a European Union citizen, you must provide us in advance with a proof of insurance for the treatment you will get in Grenoble. This proof of insurance can come from (health insurance or health mutual, insurance company, embassy, etc.).

Without advance payment nor proof of insurance, we remind you that you will not be admitted to the CHUGA.

The European Health Insurance Card

If you are a EU citizen planning a temporary stay within another Member State, you need to ask for your European Health Insurance Card.

This card grants you direct access to each EU state’s healthcare system, but only for medically necessary care, that is to say:

  • Necessary care on emergency.
  • Chronical or preexistent diseases, pregnancy and childbirth, but only if the purpose of the stay was not to benefit from such medical care.

This card is thus not valid for scheduled care. It cannot replace either a private travel insurance.

The card is individual, nominative and free. Each member of the family must own its own card, including children under 16.

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