You are a student in your home country

First, please check if your home university has signed a partnership agreement with Grenoble Medical School (Grenoble Alpes University) : Link to Grenoble Medecine Faculty Partners Map


Your home university has a partnership agreement with Grenoble Medical School

There are three different statuses available, depending on your objectives:

  • Erasmus+ “Student Mobility for Studies” students
  • Erasmus+ “Student Mobility for Traineeship” students
  • 3rd cycle medical studies students (in the case of a bilateral agreement)

Please get in touch directly with Grenoble Medical School’s International Relations Office
( for more information or to check the hosting conditions decided in the agreement


Your home university has no partnership agreement with Grenoble Medical School

In this case, you may try to contact directly the clinical department in which you are interested.

Depending on their capacity, you might be welcomed.

Please note there will be no link with Grenoble Medical School, and thus no degree equivalence. However, a training attestation can be delivered by Grenoble Alpes University Hospital. Do not forget to check that this attestation is enough to validate your semester/internship.

You are a doctoral student

You first need to be accepted by the research lab or a labelled research team.

More information at (in French) :

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