Your stay in Grenoble Alpes University Hospital

Translation services

During your stay, you can ask for a translator if you cannot speak French or English. Please specify this special need to the unit’s Medical Office when you first contact them, or, upon your arrival, to the unit’s health manager.


During your stay at the CHUGA, your relatives may want to stay close to the Hospital. Several options are available: you can find here the guide of Grenoble hotels and residences. You will benefit from special rates negotiated for our patients and their relatives.

End of stay

Once your medical care carried out, and depending on your medical condition, the doctor will let you leave the hospital and go back home. He will deliver you a medical report and, if applicable, your medical imaging results.

This medical report will enable you and your home country doctors to understand the care delivered in Grenoble and to follow up on the treatment, if necessary. Upon request, this report can be delivered in English.

The International Patients’ Office will send you your final bill. If this bill is inferior to the initial cost estimate, you will get refunded. Otherwise, if your stay lasted longer than initially planned, you will need to pay the additional charges. 

Dernière mise à jour le 12/03/2020